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We’re a team of accredited and experienced workplace psychologists.

Each month, we share insights all about the psychology of the workplace. Whether that’s discussions on our podcast, posts on the blog or observations from our client projects, we want to hep you understand how you can develop your productivity, wellbeing and interpersonal effectiveness.

As evidence-based practitioners, we share what works - avoiding fads, fashions and evidence-free, one-size-fits-all nonsense.

If you want to learn how to beat your procrastination, make personal changes that stick, cultivate a healthy relationship with your technology and navigate common workplace challenges with success, this is the newsletter for you.

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Dr. Richard A. MacKinnon

Chartered Psychologist and Coach, helping clients with Productivity, Wellbeing and Effectiveness at work. Founder and managing director of WorkLifePsych. Host of the 'My Pocket Psych' podcast.